Purusant to Georgia’s new evidence code implemented in 2013 you can present evidence (medical narratives) of a doctor or chiropractor’s testimony to a jury without them being there.

O.C.G.A. section 24-8-826 states in any civil case involving injury, such as a car accident any medical narrative signed by a medical doctor or chiropractor which shows the history, examination, diagnosis, treatment, prognosis, or interpretation of tests or examinations, including the basis therefor, by the person signing the report, the same as if that person were present at trial and testifying as a witness;

All the above provided, however, that such report and notice of intention to introduce such report shall first be provided to the adverse party at least 60 days prior to trial. The opinion of the person signing the report with regard to the etiology of the injury or disease may be included as part of the diagnosis.

Any adverse party may object to the admissibility of any portion of the report, other than on the ground that it is hearsay, within 15 days of being provided with the report.

The medical narrative shall be presented to the jury as depositions are presented to the jury and shall not go out with the jury as documentary evidence.”

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