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The Pretrial Diversion Program in Cobb County

The Pretrial Diversion Program in Cobb County is offered to first time offenders facing a minor offense. This is offered as an alternative to prosecution, and it also offers offenders the chance to keep their record clean. Also, the criminal justice system benefits from it too, as the program allows the system to stay more focus on areas of the law that are considered very critical.

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If you are from Marietta or anywhere else in the state, and you have been indicted or accused of committing an offense, then you can have an attorney file a petition on your behalf. The petition will be looked over by the District Attorney, and they will see if you are eligible for the program. Some of the criteria that needs to be meant are as followed:

  1. No criminal record
  2. Offender needs to be at least 17
  3. You need to wave your right to grant jury indictment, as well as a speedy trial and confidential juvenile records.
  4. The victim’s response to the petition

Also, it is worth noting that you must voluntarily be willing to go into the program, and you need to be willing to participate in it before a conviction is secured by the prosecutors. You may not be able to participate in the program if you have a juvenile record, or an extensive criminal record.

If you are accepted into the program, then the good news is that you will probably not have to go to any more court hearings, but you will be subjected to a supervised program for a certain length of time. Once you are accepted you will need to agree to the terms, and these terms may include things related to community service, restitution and even program involvement.

You will also need to agree that you will not end up getting arrested or you will not be faced with a new offense while you are participating in the program. After you complete the program, the charges you were facing will be dismissed, and this is good news because it means that you will maintain a clean record. It also means you can have your charge expunged from your record. If you fail to complete the program, then you will go back through the system and face the charges.

A defendant from Cobb County will need to have a lawyer if they wish to apply for the program. You must not have committed a crime that has left the victim injured, nor can the crime be related to drugs. Generally speaking, you should not be a violent person, and you have to have a job or be a student, as well as have a stable place where you are living.

If you live in Dekalb County, then the crime you have been accused of committing needs to be nonviolent, and you have to agree to complete corrective programs, as well as activities. You may also be required to pay restitution, if it was a theft charge you were facing. If the case involved drugs, then you would need

If you live in Fulton County, then you will need to complete terms and conditions that will be explained to you. Also, the First Offender Treatment program is offered in Georgia. This program is slightly different than the Pretrial Diversion Program, as you will complete the trial stage, and you will need to enter a guilt plea, or you will need to enter nolo contender plea. You will need to request entry into the program by asking the judge who is deciding your case. However, you will still have a record.

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