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Burglary charges are serious because a conviction has several negative consequences. You can still avoid conviction and fight against your charges with the help of a lawyer. It is important to be aware of the type of criminal charges you are facing and the potential penalties at stake. Each case is different depending on the type of property involved and the specific offense. Committing a burglary offense in a person’s home will result in different consequences than if the offense was committed in an empty business building.

A general definition of burglary would be if an individual entered or remained in a dwelling, structure or vehicle unlawfully while having an intention of committing a felony inside. The type of felony offense does not necessarily matter unless the offense actually took place, then the defendant could face charges of burglary and charges for the felony offense. If you have questions about burglary in general or would like to discuss the need for legal representation in your case, contact our defense attorneys over at Blevins & Hong, P.C.


Georgia has three different degrees of burglary offenses and the degree can affect the penalties that follow. The various degrees include:

First Degree Burglary in Georgia:

  • Unlawfully entering a private home/structure/vehicle with the intent of committing a crime against the people or property
  • Charged as a Class A felony

Second Degree Burglary in Georgia:

  • Entering a business or commercial property and committing theft. The theft could be petty or grand theft but the crime deals with the unlawful entry and the intent to commit theft

Third Degree Burglary in Georgia:

  • Entering a home/business/structure with the intent to steal or commit another felony offense.

The elements that can affect the degree of burglary of an offense often has to do with the presence of a weapon or a person present in the property. The type of property involved also affects the degree or offense. Any type of offense can result in jail time and large fines, so be sure to team up with a Marietta criminal defense lawyer to help you defend against your charges.


The consequences that can follow a burglary conviction are harsh and can be different in each case. If you are facing charges for a first time conviction in Georgia, you are at risk of between one and 20 years in prison. A second conviction can place you at risk of harsher consequences; this is punishable by between two and 20 years in prison.

The potential prison time increases to between five and 20 years if you are facing a third burglary conviction. Keep in mind that the specifics of each case can alter the consequences and if aggravating factors are involved, the penalties will vary. Discuss your unique offense with a burglary attorney in Marietta to learn more about what to expect in your case.


Burglary is an offense based largely on the intent of the defendant. This crime does not necessarily require the performance of a crime, but simply the intent to commit an offense. Proving intent can be a difficult task, which makes building a defense possible. Building a defense can be proving that there is a legitimate reason for you being on the premises or showing that there is not enough evidence to prove intent. Discuss your burglary or theft crime case with our firm to see how we can help. Contact Blevins & Hong, P.C. at any time to get started fighting against your charges.



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