• Are you a tenant that has received an eviction notice?
  • Are you a landlord needing help to evict a tenant that has failed to pay?

At Blevins & Hong, PC, we represent both commercial and private resident landlords and tenants all over the metro Atlanta area in housing disputes. Attorney Soo Hong has assisted landlords with evicting tenants that have failed to pay rent or other lease violations. Attorney Hong has also assisted tenants to defend against eviction procedures and resolve any lease violations by the landlord.


Eviction proceedings are handled in State Court of the County where the rental property is located. The proceeding is referred to as a Dispossessory. The process starts with the landlord filing a dispossessory claim against the tenant. The Sheriff’s Office or a private process server will serve the tenant with the copy of the proceeding.

The tenant will then have 7 days from the service date to file an Answer. Failure to do so will result in a Writ of Possession, judgment against the tenant for the landlord to proceed with the eviction. Once a Writ of Possession is issued, the landlord may immediately “execute the writ”, or evict the tenant.

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It is important to have experienced legal representation as either the landlord or the tenant so that your rights are preserved and the process is followed properly. Contact Attorney Soo Hong at Blevins & Hong, P.C. to schedule a free consultation for your landlord/tenant disputes.



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