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Probation violations can come about due to such a simple thing as a message not getting through to the Probation Officer that you missed an appointed meeting time due to being ill. They can also happen if a certificate of completion of a treatment program never makes it to the Probation Officer and an immediate violation of probation gets filed. Being thus arrested can immediately result in jail time. If you have been charged with a probation violation, contact the best criminal defense lawyer in Marietta right away.

One can be apprehended on a probation violation anywhere – at work, home, or a restaurant. Your first notice of the violation may be when you are picked up and you then have to address the alleged violation from jail. If it is a loved one, you may find yourself interrupted in any activity and then be tied up with working to get the matter straightened out and your family member out of jail. We are the legal team of Blevins & Hong, P.C., and we can help you with getting the violated probation charge cleared up as rapidly as possible.


In most instances, after allegations of probation violations are made by Georgia probation officers, judges sign warrants for the arrest of the offending individuals. Arrest warrants for probation violations typically have “no bond” provisions, which means that if you’re determined to be in violation of probation (VOP), you will get a Marietta DUI attorney who practices criminal law and can quickly resolve your case or get a bond – otherwise, you might spend weeks or even months sitting in jail until your case is heard in court.

Due to this fact, people who believe that they will be arrested for violating parole often stop reporting to their probation officers. Failing to report to a probation officer, however, only worsens your circumstances given that your officer can add additional violations such as failing to keep your probation officer up to date, failing to report, failing to pay fees and fines, etc.). If the judge sees that you have not reported to your probation officer, he or she may be less likely to give you another opportunity to complete your probation once you’ve been arrested on a VOP warrant and are brought before the court.


Whenever probation violations are brought before a judge, it will be looked at in light of several factors, including how severe it is. For example, if the violation includes the possession of a firearm for someone convicted of a felony, it would be considered severe probation violations and can send the individual to prison, and even extend the time they are incarcerated, thus ending any probation they had. If, on the other hand, the violation is minor, such as failing to make a financial restitution, there are more opportunities to successfully address the probation offense. Whatever the case, the services of a competent lawyer is an important component for clearing up a probation violations and letting you get on with your life. Contact a Marietta probation violations lawyer from our team as soon as possible!



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