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Under the juvenile code in Georgia, those under the legal age of an adult can still be tried and penalized for crimes. The purpose of a juvenile court includes the well-being and future of children. However, injustices occur and there are people, including parents and children, who have been wronged by the system.

If your child or juvenile family member has been charged with delinquency for any reason, you owe it to yourself and the future of your child to have an experienced Marietta juvenile attorney on your side to help you defend your child’s rights and maximize the potential for a favorable outcome for your son or daughter’s juvenile case.

At Blevins & Hong, P.C., we know how upsetting and frustrating it can be for parents and children alike to have to face and deal with a juvenile criminal charge. Juvenile delinquency has resulted in high divorce rates throughout the country, leading parents to seek the guidance of an experienced family law attorney.  It is fortunate that juvenile courts tend toward intervention and rehabilitation, especially for first-time offenders. As soon as you are aware of juvenile charges, getting in touch with us allows us to help you build your best case for the defense of your teen or child and if found guilty, we can possibly gain mitigation of the sentence depending on the circumstances.

A child is deemed unruly in Marietta and other cities in Georgia if he or she commits one or more of the following acts:

  • Disobeys supervision ordered by the court
  • Possesses alcoholic beverages or is spending time in a bar
  • Commits a juvenile crime offense that applies only to individuals under the age of 17
  • Fails to obey reasonable commands
  • Leaves home or is found in the streets after midnight and before 5:00 am.
  • Commits an act of delinquency and requires treatment, rehabilitation or supervision.

In the eyes of the law, a child is any individual under the age of 21 who commits an act of delinquency before the age of 17. Children committing unruly or delinquent acts are under the custody of the Department of Juvenile Justice. The criminal law system distinguishes these acts from felonies. Our juvenile attorney has vast experience in the field.

What Happens to Juveniles Convicted of Committing  Felonies?

The superior court is separate from juvenile court and is responsible for children ages 13 to 17 convicted of committing serious crimes. Such felonies may include robbery with a firearm, aggravated sex crimes, voluntary manslaughter and murder. Children who receive sentences for these crimes are remanded into custody of the Department of Corrections with adults instead of the Juvenile Justice department.

The superior court has the responsibility of sentencing any child who commits a subsequent criminal violation after a previous conviction. Children sentenced as adults serve time in the Juvenile Justice department until the age of 17. After turning 17, the offender completes the remainder of the sentence under the jurisdiction of the Department of Corrections.


Someone is considered a child or juvenile by law if they are under 18 years of age. Unfortunately, children can be charged with any kind of juvenile misdemeanor or juvenile felony which is punishable by law. These can include sex crimes, drug crimes, traffic offenses or assault and battery charges. When your child has been charged, it is important in the extreme to have a strong juvenile attorney who can investigate the matter and pursue appropriate action under the law for protecting your child’s rights. We are here with that purpose in mind and are willing and able to speak with you about your case. Contact a juvenile attorney from our team today!



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