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Hiring A Domestic Violence Attorney For Yourself

Domestic violence is a very serious offense but the law does provide protection for victims. However, since the legal system is still complex, you will need a good lawyer or an excellent firm to help you handle the details. The firm of Blevins & Hong, P.C is perfect for protecting victims of domestic violence, as they have more than 14-years of experience in handling these kinds of cases for clients.

A Little about Us

The Blevins & Hong, P.C firm is a multi-specialty firm that provides legal expertise in the Marietta, Georgia area to a range of different clients. We have worked with clients from all backgrounds, nationalities, cultures, and walks of life. We take pride in our expertise and aggression when it comes to helping clients with domestic violence cases, especially since these can be of a troubling and personal nature.

What is domestic violence?

According to the Domestic Violence statute for the State of Georgia, domestic violence can include any of the following by a family member, person who has children with you or lives or use to live with you:

  • simple assault — attempting to cause harm or threatening to cause harm to a person in a way that reasonably causes that person to fear impending violence.
  • aggravated assault — involves an assault that is committed with a deadly weapon or object; with the intent to rape, murder, or rob; or by firing a gun inside a vehicle
  • simple battery — physical contact that is intended to cause offense or insult, though not intending to cause serious injury
  • battery — similar to simple battery, battery involves physical contact intended to cause substantial physical harm or visible bodily harm
  • aggravated battery — to be aggravated, battery or simple battery is done in certain locations, such as a school, or against certain individuals, including, but not limited to, a family member, intimate partner, or pregnant woman

It is worth noting that assault does not involve any physical contact, but it is still a serious crime and qualifies as domestic violence. Even if your domestic partner has not done physical harm, threats and attempts to cause harm do not have to be endured.

What are the penalties for domestic violence?

A first conviction for domestic battery may mean a 12 months in jail. Perpetrators may also be fined an additional $1,000.00 fine. To prevent recurrence, the court may ask the person to enroll in a domestic violence prevention training or counseling session.

What if the perpetrator commits the same crime again?

Most offenders are repeat offenders but the courts take a very strict view on domestic violence. If the perpetrator commits a family violence battery against the same victim, he or she could be charged with a felony.

What happens if the person repeats the crime a third time?

The courts come down very heavily on repeat offenders. A third offence can result in 90-days to about one year of jail along with fines of $1000 to more than $7500. The person cannot be released on probation or parole and there is no suspended sentencing available for offenders. The court may also mandate a compulsory counseling program to treat the offender.

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