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Brain damage, electrocution, burn injuries, injuries caused by an explosion, spinal cord injuries and amputations are all considered injuries that are so severe, they are known as catastrophic injuries.

They can be caused by a variety of factors, including defective products, abuse in a nursing home, truck or car accidents, accidents while playing a sport or slip and fall accidents. However, regardless of their cause, the victim will never be emotionally or physically the same. It isn’t uncommon for a catastrophic injury to lead to death, or the permanent physical injury and emotional damage can end up costing a large amount in medical bills and time taken off work.

If you need help in claiming compensation for medical treatment or personal care in the future, resulting from a catastrophic injury, the personal injury attorneys at Blevins & Hong, P.C. can help you. Costly medical treatments can include speech or occupational therapy, long lasting POTS syndrome, diagnostic testing, one or more surgical procedures, and even rehabilitation or cosmetic surgery. The victim of a catastrophic injury may need to spend the rest of their life in a private medical or care facility such as a nursing home, and may need constant help with feeding, bathing, dressing and other everyday tasks.

Types of Catastrophic Injury


Most of us think of burns being caused by a fire, but hot steam or liquid, chemical fires and inhaling toxic fumes or smoke can also lead to devastating burn injuries. A 1st degree burn damages only the skin’s outer layer, while a 2nd degree burn damages the layers underneath too, and a 3rd degree burn can potentially destroy the underlying tissue. Regardless of their severity, any burn can potentially leave a permanent scar and of course, many more severe burns also leave the victim in a shocked state or cause nerve loss.


Whether it is an arm or a leg, or a little finger, amputations can result from construction site accidents and car accidents, as well as having an untreated infection not being diagnosed by a hospital. Most people who experience amputation find that the results are extremely traumatic, regardless of the reason for the injury.


The eyes, ears, brain, lungs and abdomen are especially at risk from being injured by an explosion, although any part of the body can potentially be injured. As well as the actual injury, blunt trauma can be a common effect of many explosions, whether they are caused by a train blast, bombing or anything else. Some explosions can also injure with flying debris, and many victims of explosions are exposed to radiation or injure themselves when thrown by the blast.

Spinal Cord Injuries

These can be caused by a fall, a car accident, being shot, and by many dangerous or contact sports such as rugby, diving and skiing. In addition to the potential injuries to the spinal cord, the victim can often be faced with a lack of function in their legs, feet or hands. Paraplegia and quadriplegia are likely severe and life altering side effects of a spinal cord injury.

Brain Damage

Sporting accidents, car accidents or a violent crime can all potentially cause a severe blow to the head, which can often lead to TBI, or traumatic brain injury. The cost and scope of treating these injuries can be immense, including various scans and x-rays and other diagnostic tests, and many people simply never recover fully from a severe brain injury. They can lead to a coma, paralysis, seizures and a lack of cognitive skills.


The body’s central nervous system, respiratory and cardiovascular systems can all be severely damaged if a high current rate electricity passes through the body. Being in direct contact with a source of electricity can result in electrocution, as can exposure to some machinery or a live wire, and being struck by lightning.

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