In Georgia, if a police officer stops you for a traffic violation and has reason to believe you are operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol, he could ask you to take a breath, blood or urine test. Currently, Georgia uses the Intoxilyzer 5000EN. This machine is very old and has numerous issues with it. Our office at Blevins & Hong, P.C. have been successful in suppressing and minimizing the results of the 5000EN. However their is now a new device, the Intoxilyzer 9000.

By the year 2015, Georgia will be fully converted to the Intoxilyzer 9000 as its machine of choice for theState’s breath test.

As of today, Georgia has not switched to the 9000 as its choice for conducting the breath test. Richard N. Blevins, Jr. from our office was one of the first lawyers in Cobb County, Georgia to take a course on it. It is believed that no law enforcement officer has taken the course as of today either. Mr.Blevins is ready to tackle any issues relating to the new machine.

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