Personal Injury Testimonials

Thanks to Mr. Blevins for his work in getting my traffic citation reduced to “Rules of the Road”. He accomplished an outcome that was the best I could hope for under the circumstances. I count myself lucky to have met him, and will strongly recommend him to anyone seeking legal services in his specialties.

FP, Lucky To Have Met You

My elderly father was involved in the most minor of traffic accidents. It happened in a shopping center parking lot, when another driver and he were backing out of their parking spots, at the same time. The problem arose when my dad decided to leave the scene, after the other driver became irate. No sooner had he returned home, when he was greeted by two policemen and, subsequently, charged with “hit and run”. We needed to get my dad an attorney, so we checked “Kudzu”, to see which law firms received favorable ratings. This firm had many 5-star reviews, so we decided to contact them. I had a telephone consultation with Mr. Leonard. He told me that without legal representation, my dad would, most likely, lose his license. I agreed to let him represent my dad. Mr. Leonard could not attend the initial trial date, due to a previous commitment. He instructed us to ask for a new trial date, when my dad’s case was called. In the interim, Mr. Leonard would try to get the charges reduced. When the bailiff called my dad to the stand, the case was dismissed, due to a lack of witnesses for the prosecution. The next day, I called the law firm to inform them of the results. I, then, inquired if they would be willing to refund, at least, part of Mr. Leonard’s fee. Mr. Leonard agreed to refund his entire fee. This was more than equitable and I am very grateful for this gesture. This law firm is worthy of your trust.

Bewrite, Deserving of Praise

Blevins & Hong, P.C. and the staff are friendly and hospitable. They make you feel at ease. Hands on with great follow through

Dorris, Great to Work With

Rob Leonard is an excellent attorney, he seems to genuinely care about what happens to his client, and he will do what is necessary to get his client the best deal possible. This is rare. He is someone you can count on to give you the best representation possible,and has thorough knowledge of the laws. He is what all attorneys should aspire to be.

Jax, Goes the Extra Mile, Really Cares



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