Most people know that getting a DUI in Cobb County or any part of Atlanta usually means a person’s driver’s license is suspended. Now, it is true that some of these drivers are given a paper that gives them permission to do some limited driving, but this is on a case by case basis.

Limited driving hurts the entire family and causes unnecessary strain, which is probably one reason some people file for an appeal.

What needs to be taken into account is that filing an appeal to reverse this pending driver’s license suspension changed JULY 1, 2017.

Cobb County DUI Lawyer Richard Blevins can get into the details of these changes, but the changes have something to do with how the courts review DUI arrests and the suspensions related to these arrests. Before the change, the permit that was sometimes given to drivers who violated the law was good for 30 days. The driver was required to file his or her appeal in 10 days, unless he or she does not mind accepting the license suspension. It should be noted that the suspension is meant to last an entire year.

Understanding the New Georgia DUI Law

The new law now offers a limited permit that is meant to last 45 days instead of 30 days. This gives people who were caught driving under the influence a little more time to adjust their lives if they need to. The law does dictate that the GA DDS appeal must happen within 30 calender days. This does include the interlock device option, which is given to some drivers.

It is important that drivers make their decisions quickly because 30 days passes quickly, and life is hectic enough to cause some people to forget about their situation. There is no need to get caught driving with a suspended license when the issue can be addressed early.

It should be noted that drivers do not have to accept the implied consent law breath, blood, or urine test. Of course, those who do not want to comply with this particular law will only have one more option available should they need to drive. The option, of course, involves installing the ignition interlock device. The driver does have to purchase the device before it is installed.

Those who need more information or need to clarify issues regarding this new law should contact a Cobb County DUI Lawyer soon.

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