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Life After Bankruptcy


How is life after bankruptcy? Once you have filed for bankruptcy, you should begin to experience a liberation from the stress and anguish brought upon you from unpaid bills and unsettled debt. Life after bankruptcy to our Marietta residents is a time for you to pick up on new financial habits that will bring your credit and financial structure back to your control

While sometimes it might just take a letter to the creditor of the bankruptcy discharge, sometimes there are more steps involved. As a Marietta, GA and all the nearby cities resident, there are laws put in place to protect you if you file for bankruptcy. The job of a bankruptcy attorney is to make sure these laws are enforced.

What is life like after filing for bankruptcy? Most clients first notice the peace and serenity that suddenly becomes the normal state of affairs in the household. Instead of being constantly hounded by creditor calls, the phone is silent. It is illegal for creditors to contact you after you have filed for bankruptcy. This is the first thing that most clients of the Blevins & Hong, P.C. remark upon. Families and marriages have been shattered because of financial situations, and bankruptcy can give you the time and peaceful atmosphere to rebuild your lives in a non-stressful manner.


Although your credit report will show a bankruptcy, this does not have the same effect on credit that it once did. The huge number of Atlanta residents as well as throughout the country that have filed bankruptcy has caused it to lose its “stigma.” You don’t have to be embarrassed – it is likely that many of your smiling neighbors have already taken the step to file bankruptcy and be free from the stress and worry that personal financial problems bring.

Your credit is usually on the road to recovery within a short period of time. Most people begin to get offers for credit cards and loans within several months after filing. You are actually looked upon as a good risk for certain companies who wish to offer credit, as they know that you are in a better financial condition than you were in the past – you no longer owe the majority of your debts, and they show a $0 balance on your credit report.

Many of the first offers have high interest rates and low available credit initially, but as you manage your finances better, these things also change, and the offers become better and better. Over time you will find that you are able to rebuild your credit and the fresh start that bankruptcy has offered you and your family could be one of the best decisions you have ever made. Call now to live a life after bankruptcy. Contact a Marietta bankruptcy attorney today!



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