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Fighting Foreclosure


There are cases in which certain illegal actions were taken by a mortgage company or agent when creating loans. When these unlawful acts are exposed, it can open the door to a defense for the client facing foreclosure. This complex situation demands knowledgeable legal counsel from a lawyer to help the client gain understanding of the legal options that exist to fight to keep your home. In some cases, a foreclosure defense is not available, as no illegal acts were made and the documents are clean. In these cases, there are still options for resolving the issue of your home and mortgage.

Many individuals have gained the relief possible by using federal bankruptcy laws. This action has given them the opportunity to gain the time to work out a solution for their foreclosure problems. At Blevins & Hong, P.C., the legal team is well aware of all the legal options that exist for homeowners in distress. With a free initial interview with a bankruptcy attorney, you can get the information you need to determine how to move forward towards a resolution to this stressful and emotional financial issue.

The legal team at their office has been serving the Atlanta Metro Area since 2000, helping individuals and small businesses solve crushing debt problems. A foreclosure defense is a specific type of legal action which may be an option for you, depending upon the exact details of your mortgage, the paperwork and other factors. With legal advice from the attorney at the firm, you will be informed and able to decide for yourself what you choose to do with regards to the foreclosure of your home.


Don’t be taken in by firms that claim that they can handle your loan modification or defend you to banks. This is often a scam activity, and unfortunately you can be a victim that has now lost what little cash you have as well as your home. Get legal advice from an ethical, effective and reasonably priced Marietta bankruptcy lawyer from their firm before making radical decisions. It is crucial that you get sensible legal advice in such a serious situation. Don’t take chances with your future, contact a Marietta foreclosure lawyer for a free initial consultation about your case.



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