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Bankruptcy Alternatives


What are bankruptcy alternatives? Some individuals do not wish to file bankruptcy or are not eligible for this legal solution to debt problems. In these cases, with the assistance of a lawyer, alternatives to a radical move like bankruptcy are possible. For example, there are cases in which a debt settlement can be worked out with creditors that give great relief to the individual who has been dealing with threatening calls, letters, possible judgments and lawsuits. With the assistance of a Marietta bankruptcy attorney, bankruptcy alternatives that best suit your situation can be quickly discovered and implemented. Credit counseling can be an extremely good option, depending on the circumstances of your situation.


Many responsible individuals have gotten themselves into serious financial difficulty in the recent past, and need help in resolving debt related matters. It is an interesting fact that creditors often are more likely to listen to a lawyer than to a customer who they feel that they can browbeat into paying. When a bankruptcy attorney from their firm begins actions to fight for you, it can result in a reduced principal amount on certain debts as well as lower, more affordable payments.

Debt consolidation is a possible solution for those who do not wish to file bankruptcy or have too many assets that they do not want to risk losing, or who make a paycheck and want to make it work for their creditors. With the understanding and dedication of the legal team at the firm, a solution that suits your circumstances can be worked out carefully and methodically. Each case is unique, and each client is important to the lawyer working on your case. You will never be treated as “just another number” at our office. Our team charges reasonable fees, is reliable and always returns your calls. You will be kept informed about the progress of your case as it moves forward, and will always be treated with the respect and kindness you deserve. To learn more about bankruptcy alternatives, contact Blevins & Hong, P.C. today.



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