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When it comes to knowing the law Blevins and Hong is here for you. We are experts with not only the knowledge, but also the experience to help you. There are multiple types of license suspensions, forms and rules that can be affected by the age or class of a driver. Each case is different and unique so please do not try to handle these on your own. A little bit of overview information is provided below, but ultimately call our law offices immediately for sound and expert counsel. Let’s go over DUI suspensions.


There are two categories of DUI alcohol suspensions and both are listed and briefly explained below.

  • Administrative license suspension (ALS) and implied consent suspensions
  • Court generated suspensions based on a DUI alcohol conviction

Once you are stopped and arrested for an alcohol related DUI, the arresting officer may complete a DDS 1205 form that will suspend your driver’s license in 45 days, if you do not request a hearing within 10 business days of the DUI arrest.

Administrative license suspension

If you take the State’s breath test and register over .08 on your BAC or more for individuals over 21, this is what you are looking at if you fail to request the ALS hearing or lose the hearing:

  • 1st DUI in 5 years = 1 year (limited permit for 45 days and reinstatement after 45 days)
  • 2nd DUI in 5 years = 18 months
  • 3rd DUI in 5 years = 5 years
  • Implied Consent suspensions: If you are arrested in the state of Georgia and refuse to take either test that the officer is trying to administer don’t think that it won’t come back to haunt you. The reality is that the courts can use your denial to take that test as evidence against you for a DUI. Do not risk it. Call one of our attorneys immediately.


If you are convicted of an alcohol related DUI, your conviction will be reported to the Georgia Department of Drivers Services and they will suspend your privilege to drive in Georgia.

Over 21 years of age:

  • 1st DUI in five years on Per se cases = 1 year (eligible for a limited permit for 120 days and reinstatement after 120 days)
  • 2nd DUI in five years = 3 years (eligible for an ignition interlock after 120 days hard suspension. Ignition interlock must be maintained for 12 months and then the driver will have a 6 month limited permit, only if they are enrolled in DUI court or clinical treatment. The permit must be approved by the court.)
  • 3rd DUI in five years = 5 years (You will be declared a habitual violator and eligible for a probationary license in 2 years.
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