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Located in northern Fulton County, Roswell is a city with historical roots and present affluence. Roswell is Georgia’s eighth largest city with a total population of approximately 88,346 people. The northern suburb of Atlanta began as a prime cotton mill location and developed into one of the most prosperous and beloved cities in the entire state of Georgia.

The city was born when its namesake, Roswell King, passed through the area in 1830 and noticed great potential for building a cotton mill, specifically along Vickery Creek. The land was luscious and prime for planting cotton as well, which soon made it a center for both the production and processing of cotton. The industry quickly grew in the area and by the time the Civil War erupted, more than 400 people were employed in Roswell’s cotton mills and plantations. As production increased as a result of success, population in the area also followed suit, growing the community into an affluent and significant part of southern society. During the Civil War, the area was captured by Union forces along with much of the surrounding land. Cotton mills were shut down and the employees were shipped north to ensure that no production would continue while the war continued. This was a strategy that the Union used against the South to weaken its economy and therefore its ability to fight back.

Currently, Roswell is one of the largest cities in the state and was able to regain its influential rank despite the hardships of the Civil War. The median income for a household in the city is approximately $73,469 and $103,698 for a family, according to a 2007 study on the city’s economy. Roswell’s residents enjoy a serene landscape of greenery and prime planting grounds while also having access to the benefits of living in a larger city with proximity to the state’s capitol. CNN ranked it #76 on its list of the Top 100 Places to Live in the U.S. and Roswell was also chosen as one of the Top Three Cities in the Nation to Raise Your Family by Frommer’s.

Roswell offers various points of interest to its residents and visitors, including historical sites and outdoor recreation parks. Barrington Hall is the preserved home of one of the founders of the city, Bulloch Hall is the former home of Martha Bulloch Roosevelt, the mother of Theodore Roosevelt, and the old Roswell Presbyterian Church, which was built in 1839.


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