Our Criminal Defense Testimonials

One of the best ways to judge an attorney’s skill and reliability is to see what their former clients have to say. At Blevins & Hong, P.C., we have more than 25 years of criminal justice experience and have obtained countless dismissals and reductions of criminal charges for our clients. Our attorneys strive to provide the best counsel and representation available in the Marietta area and will meet one-on-one with clients every time they visit the office. You deserve the advice of an attentive Marietta criminal defense lawyer, so speak with a member of our team today to discuss your case. We offer a free case evaluation for every client so that you can speak directly with us to determine whether or not we are the best choice for your case. Browse through our client testimonials to learn exactly why we are the best choice, having obtained successful results for cases similar to the one you are facing.

100% Satisfied.

I cannot thank him enough for saving my job after my DUI! He reviewed the case with me and was very informative throughout! He fought for my rights and I felt he and his staff really cared and wanted to help me through this difficult time. I will recommend him whenever possible if anyone I know receives a DUI in Georgia.

Tamz, The Best Lawyer ever!

I was extremely pleased with the legal representation provided to me. His handling of my case from consultations to dealings with the prosecutor and police officers to in-court proceedings — was first rate. I was also appreciative of how he detailed and organized the options available to me. This allowed me to clearly understand the legal pathway in front of me and allowed us to craft the most optimal defense on my behalf.

Bottom line — the charge was reduced and several penalties were waived by the judge.

Park, A very positive experience

When our 23 year old son was facing serious legal issues, Blevins & Hong, P.C. agreed to represent him. Their familiarity with the court system became apparent as they worked with the District Attorney’s office to arrange for pre-trial intervention – a remedy that became a pivotal point in our recovery. Although our son is not a minor, navigating the legal system is nonetheless a family affair. We discovered Blevins & Hong, P.C. to be an open-minded, patient, and compassionate listener. It was obvious that his approach to representation was not “one-size-fits-all.” They were aggressive, positive, and willing to try anything, even if the odds were against us. Ultimately, the Judge considered his motion to dismiss the charges, and agreed!

As I mentioned earlier, although our son was the client, I was a very concerned, anxious and involved mom. In addition to their patience and sensitivity, I was really impressed with the attitude of the office staff, particularly Barbara, who fielded many of my calls, listened to my worries, and encouraged me.

Because we didn’t know them before they became our son’s attorney, I have thought many times about how differently things could have turned out if he had selected another lawyer. So, I gratefully and enthusiastically recommend Blevins & Hong, P.C. to anyone who needs the expertise they offer.

Debbie, Aggressive, Compassionate Representation

I was skeptical about filing bankruptcy and got lucky when I found this attorney on Kudzu he is phenomenal and his firm offers a full range of other services.

Sandra, Blevins & Hong, P.C. is the Greatest



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