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DUI Defense Results

Over the years, the attorneys with Blevins & Hong, P.C. have successfully handled and helped clients in all areas of DUI. We handle everything from Felony DUI, Underage DUI, DUI Suspensions and Felony DUI. . Feel free to browse through our past results. After you are finished, we encourage you to take advantage of our free online case evaluation form or to contact our offices for a consultation appointment. It is vital that you retain a Marietta DUI defense attorney as soon as possible. Our team has well over a decade of combined experience and will provide you with one-on-one attention every time you visit our offices.

  • October 2016: Got a DUI charge in Gwinnett County dismissed DISMISSED.
  • June 2016: Client’s charges of DUI was REDUCED TO RECKLESS DRIVING for client under 21.
  • June 2016: Client who was under 21, with a second DUI charge in five years was REDUCED.
  • May 2016: Client was charged with DUI in Sandy Springs. Case was REDUCED TO RECKLESS DRIVING after being called in for a jury trial in Fulton County.
  • April 2016: Client charged with DUI after being involved in a single car collision. Case was REDUCED TO RECKLESS DRIVING in Cobb County.
  • May 2016: DUI REDUCED in Douglas County.
  • April 2016: DUI REDUCED to Reckless in Cobb County.
  • December 2015: Client was charged with DUI per se. That means he blew over the legal limit. We prepared the case for trial and got the charges REDUCED to Reckless Driving prior to trial.
  • December 2015: Client was charged with DUI- drugs. We were able to show the officer did not have probable cause for a DUI case. Charges were REDUCED to Reckless Driving.
  • November 2015: Our client was facing a third DUI in five years and we got it reduced. Our client was involved in a car accident. He denied he was at fault in the collision. The State charged him with DUI and Hit and Run. We were able to produce evidence that he did not leave the scene and fail to report it. Further, we were able to use case law to prevent the State from introducing evidence of the prior DUIs. Also, we are able to show the State Trooper administered the field sobriety tests incorrectly.
  • October 2015: Got a Boating Under the Influence case dismissed in Hall County. State was unable to prove our client was a less safe boater. Case was dismissed after it was called in for trial.
  • August 2015: Client was charged with DUI in Cobb County. Client was stopped for speeding late at night. Client admitted to drinking alcohol 15 minutes before the stop. Client submitted to a preliminary breath test, which was positive for alcohol. Client also submitted to field sobriety tests. We were able to show the client passed the tests, even though the officer said he failed. The DUI charge was reduced.
  • August 2015: Client was called in for trial on a DUI case in Cobb County. Prosecutors dismissed the DUI charge prior to picking a jury. This was based on weaknesses in the State’s case that were exposed in a Motion hearing
  • July 2015: DUI charge reduced in Cobb County. Client gave a breath sample over the legal limit of .08. We were able to get it reduced after preparing for a jury trial and showing the State there was no probable cause for the arrest.
  • May 2015: Client had a DUI reduced in Marietta father client was stopped on I-75 for failure to maintain lane.
  • June 2015: Client had a DUI and hit and run charge dismissed in Marietta for lack of evidence I was able to show the prosecutor
  • June 2015: Had a DUI reduced in Cobb County after have a successful Motion to Suppress hearing.
  • June 2015: Client had a hit and run charge dismissed for lack of evidence in Cobb county.
  • February 2015: Client was stopped for failure to maintain his lane. He completed the HGN test, the walk and turn test and the one leg stand test. The officer said he failed the HGN test and the walk and turn test. The client admitted to drinking and tested positive for alcohol. He refused the State’s breath test. Verdict was Not Guilty!
  • January 2015: Client stopped in Kennesaw, Georgia. He did the field sobriety tests and was arrested. After a jury trial in Cobb County, he was found Not Guilty on all counts!
  • Dec. 2014: Our client was pulled over for running a stop sign and took the field sobriety tests. Case was tried in Fulton County. Verdict: NOT GUILTY
  • Dec. 2014: Client was pulled over for aggressive driving in Cobb County. Officer had him take the field sobriety tests. Case was tried in Cobb County Verdict: NOT GUILTY
  • November & December 2014- Not Guilty verdict in Fulton County State Court. Client was stopped for running a stop sign and took the field sobriety tests.
  • Client was charged with DUI in Gwinnett County. Client was involved in a traffic accident with injuries. Charges were reduced prior to having a jury trial.
  • Client was charged with DUI in Cobb County. Client was involved in a traffic accident on I-75. Client’s charges were reduced.
  • Client was charged with Aggravated Assault a felony in Cobb County. Charges were reduced to a misdemeanor.
  • Oct. 2014: Two DUI charges reduced to Reckless Driving in Cobb County. After preparing for trial, one was dismissed and the other dismissed the day our motion to suppress was being held.
  • September 2014: DUI charge in Milledgeville reduced to a Reckless Driving.
  • July 2014: DUI charge in Smyrna reduced to Reckless Driving



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