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About Slip & Fall Injuries


A shop owner mops the floor, a customer comes in, slips and falls downs because of the wet and slippery surface. In fact, one of the most common personal injuries is from slip and fall accidents. It is a violent, sudden accident that usually results in injuries such as head and neck injuries, strains, sprains and contusions, broken bones and dislocations, traumatic brain damage, spinal cord injuries, paralysis, damaged internal organs, coma, or death. Many injured victims require extensive medical treatment such as hospitalization with long-term rehabilitation.

Victims often miss work, placing stress and a financial hardship on a household. If a slip and fall accident was due to another’s negligence or recklessness then the responsible individual may be liable to the injured victim for monetary compensation. If you or a loved one received injuries from slip and fall accidents, you should contact a premises liability attorney that can aggressively fight for your rights to the compensation you deserve for your slip and fall injuries. The Marietta personal injury attorneys at Blevins and Hong, P.C. successfully represent hundreds of clients injured in slip and fall accidents.


Some causes of slip and fall accidents are:

  • Wet floors, slippery icy steps or walkways
  • Poorly maintained premises – loose carpeting, broken tiles, uneven steps, debris
  • Inadequately lit rooms, walkways or stairways

All accidents are unique with their own set of circumstances. Depending on the situation and the severity of the injuries the injured party may sue for monetary compensation and damages in the form of loss of earnings, loss of earning capacity, medical costs incurred and future medical care, pain and suffering, and loss of companionship. Sometimes a slip and fall can be catastrophic enough to cause a fatality, which may necessitate the filing of a wrongful death lawsuit.

Before you settle a slip and fall injury insurance claim you should speak with an attorney. You may settle for less than you are eligible for and additionally give up your rights to future compensation from the responsible individual. Our lawyers at Blevins and Hong, P.C. are knowledgeable and experienced in all types of slip and fall accidents and can help you with the monetary compensation for your injuries. Make an appointment and contact a Marietta premises liability lawyers today to review your slip and fall case.



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