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What is security negligence? One expects that they are safe when entering commercial premises, or even in their own apartment when they are provided with security from the owner or manager of the property. When negligence in managing security takes place, this can create a situation of danger for those who enter the building and are faced with an assault or other criminal activity that causes injury. In such cases it is crucial that you contact a premises liability lawyer to assist you in seeking compensation for damages in a claim or lawsuit. These cases often result in very serious injuries and damages, as well as emotional trauma and other effects that must be addressed in the claim. At Blevins & Hong, P.C., our personal injury attorneys will carefully analyze your case and advise you what can be done to seek compensation in a fair settlement, judgment or verdict in your case.


Some types of security negligence cases could include those injured while staying in hotels, motels, apartments, while visiting malls, shopping centers or other businesses. If a crime takes place, the owner or manager of the property may not necessarily be liable for damages; each case must be carefully reviewed to determine if security negligence contributed to the injury. If an area has a history of criminal acts taking place and it can be proven that this was known by the owner of the property and that security measures were not taken to protect those in the area, there is often sufficient grounds for a lawsuit against the property owner. This includes security measures such as the locking systems, lighting, guards, protection of the perimeter of the property or other measure when it has been established that a pattern of criminal activity has taken place in the area.

When a property owner fails to maintain their security and the guards are not on duty as required or the security locks are faulty or other contributing factor, it is possible that a claim could be filed against the owner of the property. It is expected that property owners will maintain their premises and the safety of the visitors or residents and when they fail to do so, it may be a case of negligence. We will evaluate your case and advise you how to proceed with the claims process. Seeking compensation for damages or a settlement can be critical to the future health of the injured victim, and we are energetic and aggressive when pursuing compensation for our clients. Contact a Marietta security negligence lawyer today to get started.



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