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Information on Escalator Accidents


Escalators are used throughout Marietta in malls, commercial buildings and other structures. Whether at a retail store, a mall, or an airport, it is convenient and most visitors to any property that has an escalator use them without considering the danger they may be encountering when the escalator has not been properly maintained. An escalator could have faulty or defective parts that cause injury accidents to innocent victims. The statistics of escalator injuries are higher than most of us would expect. Older adults and small children are the most vulnerable. They share mobility problems and when the escalator malfunctions, escalator injuries may occur.


Who is most vulnerable to escalator injuries. Older adults could slip and fall more easily on escalators, and when oil or water contributed to the fall, negligence could be a factor in the case. Children could get shoes and blankets caught and the escalator’s safety stop does not function when it should, resulting in a serious injury. Safety features on escalators are the responsibility of the building owners. Routine maintenance and repairs are critical with escalators and if the property owner has failed to protect visitors, a legal claim against them will likely be successful. If you or a loved one has been injured on an escalator, contact a premises liability lawyer immediately for help in the legal matters surrounding escalator injuries.

Negligence of proper maintenance and repairs of escalators are contributing factors in most escalator injury accidents. Either the system failed due to a faulty part or manufacturing error or the maintenance of the escalator had not been done, or was done improperly. When an injury accident occurs, seeking justice and fair compensation for victims can be a critical matter. The cost of medical care and other damages is important to the future of the injured, and we are prepared to evaluate your case and advise you how to best proceed with your claim. Fast action by your Marietta personal injury lawyer from the firm is important, as the case must be documented and negligence proven in order to have a successful case.



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