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Elevator Accidents


Many of us use elevators on a daily basis either for our work, where we live or in other activities. The assumption is that the elevator is safe and we can use it without concern for our health or safety. Unfortunately, elevator accidents do occur and the injuries can range from minor to extremely severe or even fatal. Any such case is not only frightening, but the health of the innocent victim is at risk when severe injuries are the result of negligence in maintenance, repairs or other failure on the part of the property owner.


The cause of elevator accidents could be a misalignment which can cause slipping and falling, clothing caught in the door as it closes or the elevator could come to a sudden jarring stop. Any of these incidents can cause injury either minor or serious. If you or a loved one has been injured in an elevator, contact a Marietta personal injury lawyer immediately for help in filing a claim for compensation.

When elevator accidents occurs it is a frightening situation. Negligence is unacceptable and must be addressed with a claim or lawsuit filed on behalf of the injured victim. The building’s owner is responsible for elevator maintenance, repairs, and regular inspections. When a property owner fails to maintain their elevators and injuries are the result, this is a case of negligence and can be addressed in a demand for compensation for damages from the liable party. There could be more than one liable party, such as the maintenance company that inspected the elevator, the owner of the property, the manufacturer or installer. Each case must be fully analyzed to determine what parties should be included in the claim.


The legal team at Blevins & Hong, P.C. is proud of our history of success in seeking compensation for damages for injured clients, and is prepared to review your elevator injury case and advise you what to expect and how to proceed. Our firm offers free consultation and there are no attorney fees until monies are recovered. Together we will restore your faith and dignity in resolving this ordeal and provide you with personal care and service. Contact a premises liability attorney today.



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