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When we entrust a day care facility with our children, we assume that they take special care in protecting our young ones from harm. This includes safe play areas, indoor areas and proper fencing and other security measures that will protect our children. When an injury occurs, it is a shocking and frightening experience; one that no parent wants to experience. These cases do happen and negligence is often the underlying situation. We take day care negligence very serious at Blevins & Hong, P.C.

When children are not carefully monitored, their natural curiosity can lead them into danger. A failure to supervise children properly would be a basic need of any day care facility, and a failure to do so would be likely deemed to be negligence on the part of the facility. If your child was injured at a day care center, it is important that you immediately get legal representation from a Marietta injury lawyer to assist you in the legal matters surrounding the injury accident.


There are specific codes of safety that must be adhered to in any facility that cares for young children. In order to be licensed, the state has specific safety requirements and it is expected that these will be in place. Some day care providers could “cut corners” due to financial concerns or other reason and may have failed to maintain their premises properly. Others have not educated their staff with regard to supervision leading to terrible cases of children wandering off in public areas or into streets when they are under the care of the center.

Physical abuse in a day care center has been known to occur, and the innocent child can suffer great emotional harm when a day care center staff member takes advantage of a child and abuses them, whether physically, sexually or emotionally. We refer to this as day care negligence. We are prepared to aggressively pursue maximum compensation for damages in such cases, and to fight for the rights of the injured child and their parents in cases of day care negligence and other premises liability cases. Contact a Marietta personal injury attorney today!



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