Cobb County Personal Injury Results

Our Personal Injury Results

Over the years, the attorneys with Blevins & Hong, P.C. have successfully recovered millions of dollars in personal injury compensation for all kinds of cases. We handle everything from auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, and wrongful death to car accidents and bankruptcy. Feel free to browse through our past success stories below to see how much we have been able to recover for cases similar to your own.

After you are finished, we encourage you to take advantage of our free online case evaluation for or to contact our offices for a consultation appointment. It is vital that you retain a Marietta personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after your accident, so contact our firm right away for the best chance of maximizing your payout. Our team has well over a decade of combined experience and will provide you with one-on-one attorney attention every time you visit our offices.

  • June 2015: Won a civil jury trial car accident case in Gwinnett County where the defendant denied liability.
  • June 2015: Settled a car accident case for $24,000.
  • May 2015: Settled a car accident case for $150,000.00
  • Received a jury verdict of $379,494.06 in the State Court of Fulton County in a contested liability case involving a corporate truck and a pedestrian (2010).
  • Received policy limits of over $300,000.00 on a wrongful death case in Pickens County, Georgia.
  • Settled a wrongful death case for the policy limits of $250,000.00.
  • Received a settlement over $120,000.00 for a client who was injured by a drunk driver.
  • Settled for $90,000.00 in a collision that resulted in the client sustaining a herniated disc.
  • Obtained $50,000.00 for a client who sustained bulging disc injury in an automobile collision.
  • Reached a settlement for a client for $45,000.00 for a soft tissue injury case in Cobb County.
  • Settled a slip and fall case in Gwinnett County for $35,000.00.
  • Settled an illegal arrest case for a confidential amount against a metro area Sheriff’s department, even though negligence was in dispute.
  • Reached a settlement with an Atlanta metro municipality for a case where our client was tased and assaulted by officers.
  • Settled a soft tissue injury case, prior to trial, for $35,000.00 in Cobb County.
  • Settled a DUI automobile collision in which client received minor injuries for $25,000.00 in Gwinnett County.
  • Received policy limits of $25,000.00 on a soft tissue injury in Gwinnett County.
  • Received policy limits for client who received soft tissue injuries while riding in a cab in Atlanta.
  • Settled a motor vehicle collision case that was filed in the State Court of Henry County.
  • Settled a soft tissue injury case that occurred at the Atlanta Airport for $75,000.00.
  • Settled a motor vehicle collision case with MARTA for $20,000.00 in DeKalb County.
  • Settled a parking lot injury case for $25,000.00.
  • Settled a case that was set for trial in Cobb County, when no previous offer was made.
  • Settled a car accident case in Cobb County for $100,000.00. This was the polcy limits of the insurance company.
  • Settled a case for three times the medicals in a soft tissue injury case against a major trucking company in Cobb County.
  • Settled another case in DeKalb County prior to trial for $25,000.00. This is twice my client’s medical bills.



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