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Defective Product Lawyer in Marietta, GA

Every year dangerous products seriously injure countless individuals. It is a sad fact that many products that are marketed to individuals are later discovered to have caused injury, illness or death. In some cases, the manufacturer or designer was unaware of the dangerous flaw and until it was on the market. In other cases, the danger was known and the information suppressed. If you or a loved one has been injured by a dangerous or defective product, speak with a Marietta personal injury attorney today. Let’s go over product liability.

Product liability can have more than one defect.. There are generally two categories of defective and dangerous products: a faulty design or faulty manufacturing. In the case of a faulty design, the inherent flaw of the original design itself is dangerous to consumers. An SUV that rolls over too easily or a can opener that often cuts the user due to its shape are examples of a design flaw. Unfortunately many companies put profit before consumer safety and did not subject their product to enough safety testing before putting them on the market. In cases of dangerous drugs, many have become seriously ill or lost their lives after taking a prescription that later was determined to have dangerous and deadly side effects.


If the product liability lies with the manufacturer of the product, the product design is safe but the individual product may have been manufactured in such a way as to injure the user. Tires that are manufactured that have flaws can blow out while on the road and seriously injure the driver. Faulty airbags, seatbelt systems, roof pillars, accelerators and others have been the underlying cause of dangerous and deadly car accidents. In such cases, the manufacturer is likely one of the liable parties that will be named in the claim or lawsuit filed on behalf of the injured or their families.

Our firm is dedicated to providing clients with outstanding legal assistance in all consumer injury cases. We have helped many clients obtain fair and full compensation for damages so that they could access the best medical care possible. If a defective product has injured you, speak with an attorney from the firm. He or she can review your claim and establish the product liability in your case. With the liability successfully established, you can pursue a settlement from the responsible manufacturer or designer. Contact a defective product lawyer from our team today!



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