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A huge fraction of work-related accidents happen in construction sites across the country each year due to negligence or the lack of safety equipment. The injuries involved in a typical construction site accident are usually serious and most victims not lucky enough to escape with merely bruises often suffer from losing a limb, broken bones, and fractured skulls. Victims also suffer from permanent disability, blindness and scarring requiring years of therapy and a lifetime of support which will out a strain on the financial resources of any family involve. The amount of money it takes for anyone to recover from a serious accident at work is huge and the worker’s compensation provided by the company of the victims are often meager amounts not enough to cover the hospital bills and medication costs. Victims who suffered permanent disability should be provided with long-term financial assistance to compensate for their physical and emotional injuries and live life as normally as possible. It is right for victims with injuries that physically limit their capacity to find employment to ask compensation equivalent to the loss of future wages they would have received if it weren’t for the accident.

We specialize in providing the best legal assistance to laborers, carpenters, heavy equipment operators, site workers, mason, electricians, painters and other construction workers injured in construction accidents. Our legal expertise also extend to bystanders and victims of road accidents contributed to the lack of public safety measures of construction sites. State and Federal laws make it mandatory for contractors to comply with all the safety regulations so as to avoid construction site accidents. The site owners must prioritize the safety of their employees above all else especially those who must work in scaffolding and high places. Those who are working in construction sites are always aware of the risk involved where the possibility of losing life or limb is real and can happen anytime. Compounding the risk of site accidents by failing to provide proper safety equipment, neglecting safety regulations or using substandard construction materials makes the site an even more dangerous environment than it already is.

The Most Common Construction Site Accidents:

  • Accidents in Road Construction Sites
  • Accidents in Tunnel Construction Sites
  • Accidents in Big Dig Sites
  • Accidents leading to Wrongful death
  • Accidents caused by inadequate roadway safety measures
  • Accidents involving construction cranes
  • Accidents caused by defective anchor bolts
  • Scaffolding accident
  • Accidents due to defective ceiling/wall tiles
  • Falling in uncovered holes
  • Accidents involving nail guns
  • Accidents due to failure to comply with safety codes
  • Site Explosions
  • Accidents caused by poor construction design
  • Accidents due to inadequate inspection
  • Accidents caused by violating OSHA requirements
  • Accidents involving a vehicle
  • Accidents involving defective ladders
  • Falling debris accidents
  • Accidents involving defects on the scaffolding
  • Wall and Roof collapse accidents
  • Accidents during roof construction
  • Accidents involving forklifts
  • Any accidents involving electrical tools
  • Shoring accidents
  • Fall accidents
  • Accidents during excavation
  • Damaged power tools
  • Accidents involving toxic chemicals
  • Accidents due to improper storage practice
  • Hazardous platforms and trenches
  • Accidents resulting to drowning
  • Accidents involving defective ropes
  • Accidents involving heavy construction machinery

What to Do During a Construction Accident

A formal investigation should be conducted as soon as possible after a construction accident. Access to the scene of the accident should be limited only to the investigating team so as to preserve the evidence needed to determine culpability. Getting the statement of witnesses should be done in accordance to protocol.

If you are involved in the accident, communicating with the official investigating team from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration especially if you have important information that can help the investigation.

If you are severely injured, focus on getting medical assistance first as your injuries could be more serious than they seem. After making sure that your injuries are not life threatening, you can then begin the process of seeking worker’s compensation and receive money equal to the loss you suffered in the accident.

Get the Lawyers with the Most Experience in Construction Site Accident

Getting the best legal representation possible is very important in getting the right financial assistance you deserve from your employers – a feat that lawyers at Blevins & Hong, P.C. are very good at. We are the trusted law firm in Cobb County, Marietta, GA when it comes helping accident victims demand compensation from contractors and site owners.

Our knowledge in product liability makes it easy for us to identify if an accident is caused by a defective equipment so our clients can take the best legal action possible.

If you are a victim of a construction accident, we are your best chance of getting the right compensation for your injuries. There is a statute of limitations in filing construction site accident compensation so call 678-354-2290 now.



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