Driving While Texting

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Driving While Texting


Driving while texting is highly illegal. Although laws have been passed to make it illegal to use a cell phone or other mobile device to send or read text messages while driving, many drivers consider that they can do so, and endanger those who are sharing the road. An increase in rear-end accidents and injury accidents in intersections has been the result of this negligent behavior. On average, driving while texting takes the eyes of a driver off the road for a few seconds. While this may normally seem like a short time, even glancing away for a moment can put you at risk for a collision.


The increase in these accidents has led to the passage of laws to prohibit this behavior, but many are so addicted to the process that they completely ignore warnings and laws and continue to endanger other drivers. These cases can have tragic and life-altering consequences to innocent victims. Car accidents are notorious for the catastrophic harm that can come from them and cases of severe brain injury, spinal injuries, disfigurement or other catastrophic injuries are not uncommon in cases in which a driver fails to follow the required rules of safety while driving. If you or someone you know has been injured due to someone texting while driving, contact us for a free consultation.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of this negligent behavior, it is critical that you have a Marietta personal injury attorney that will represent you throughout the claims process. Our legal team is prepared to evaluate your case, no matter the degree of the injury, from fender bender to serious or deadly accidents. With a full analysis of your case we can advise you what to expect in a settlement and how the case should proceed through the process. We don’t accept low settlements that are quickly offered as these are usually much lower than they could be under law; we will fight for fair compensation for damages for our clients who suffered injury in cases of drivers texting while at the wheel. Contact a car accident lawyer from our team today!



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