After a Car Accident

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Choose Yourself an Experienced Marietta Personal Injury Lawyer:

After a car accident it is imperative to contact an attorney. At our personal injury law firm in Cobb County, Blevins and Hong, P.C. we are experienced in handling vehicle accident claims in Metro Atlanta, North Georgia, and the Cobb County area. We have been successful in handling very complex cases going from the initial insurance claims all the way through to trials and appeals.

To determine who was actually at fault after a car accident, you must figure out who was negligent. The negligent party is the one who caused the accident. A failure to use a reasonable amount of care when operating a motor vehicle qualifies as being negligent. The finding of negligence is based on things like:

  • Failure to put on a turn signal
  • Careless Driving
  • Driving while talking on a cell phone
  • Distracted driving
  • Failure to obey signals or traffic signs
  • Driving under the influence
  • School bus accidents
  • Any law violation
  • SUV rollover
  • Car accidents involving recalled or defective vehicles
  • Car accidents occurring at dangerous intersections
  • Driving and texting

Accidents caused by a drunk driver can also lead to a claim being filed against a bar. Collisions involving a ‘hit and run’ driver may still lead to a claim being filed, even if the driver that caused the crash is never identified.

Auto accidents may occur due to faulty road construction, exits, embankments, tunnels, or lighting. If a roadway is improperly designed or constructed, those designers could be liable for any personal injuries caused by them. Builders can be held accountable as well. Any construction accidents, including inadequate safety, roadway debris, loose construction materials, or improper road markings, may be compensable.

Even though car crashes make up a large portion of all the personal injury and wrongful death suits, it is wrong if you believe they are always easy to resolve. Many times they involve issues that are extremely complex. The rules of evidence and the insurances laws are the reason you need to hire a Marietta Personal Injury Lawyer to assist you. They specialize in these cases.

If you have suffered an injury in a truck, car, motorcycle, tractor trailer, or any other type of motor vehicle; and you were the passenger, driver, pedestrian, or the motorcyclist and negligence was involved, then you might be entitled to a recovery of monetary damages. These damages could be in the form of pain and suffering, money paid out for medical expenses, and for lost wages.

Insufficient Insurance: Anytime the person at fault for your injuries has inadequate insurance, or no insurance, you could be entitled to collect on under-insured or uninsured coverage from either your own policy or from the automobile policy of a family member.

What You Should Do After a Car Accident:

Anytime you are in a car accident, or suffer injury as a pedestrian, here is what to do –

  • Obtain all the relevant information you can about everyone involved, as well as the vehicle information. Get names, addresses, and phone numbers of drivers.
  • Ask for the names, phone numbers, and addresses of all witnesses.
  • Inform the police about any traffic violations possibly committed by the vehicle operator.
  • If you suffer injury, get immediate medical attention.
  • Notify your insurance company promptly.
  • Acquire vehicle photographs, injury photos, and accident location photos.
  • Contact a lawyer ASAP to determine legal rights.

Choosing Your Marietta Personal Injury Lawyer:

You need to have your legal rights protected after a car accident. You want to have an experienced auto accident attorney to handle and evaluate your specific case. In order to properly preserve your rights, immediate action could be required. There is a statute of limitations in Georgia governing motor vehicle accidents. Certain accidents will have a shorter notice provision and can be more strict.

We have more information for you regarding choosing a Marietta Personal Injury Lawyer on our Auto Accident page. There is more concerning truck accidents on the Truck Accident page. Explore our site and you will find lots of useful information about what we have to offer and how we can best serve you in your specific situation.

If you believe you have a personal injury car accident case, it is crucial that you take immediate action after a car accident and have your rights protected. Give us a call at 678-354-2290 and get a FREE legal consultation with an experienced attorney from Cobb County Law.




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