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      Gauramohan Kashalikar
      Gauramohan Kashalikar
      04:11 01 Mar 17
      I was shattered with the overwhelming charge in my otherwise immaculate 40 years of life. While desperately browsing the internet for good attorney, I came across Mr. Blevins profile, who back then had received 5 stars rating from 50 folks. That’s an outstanding rating to trust anyone. With that background, I went to him to handle my case. Mr. Blevins met all my expectations and indeed did an incredible job & brought the case a desirable outcome for me and got my life back on track. During my interactions with him I realized that he has a ton of experiences and knows the GA law in and out. He is also very well connected within the GA law community. He is prompt & supportive and drives the case pretty well. With a great pleasure & honor, I would like endorse him with yet another 5 star. I strongly strongly strongly recommend him!read more
      James Saxon
      James Saxon
      00:16 21 Jan 17
      I retained Mr. Blevins to represent me for a misdemeanor affray charge and he got the charges dismissed. He was very receptive, very open, available (shared his personal cell with me for any after hour questions), and effective. He communicated well and efficiently. Would certainly recommend him to everyone. Cost was very reasonable and definitely worth the more
      Steve K
      Steve K
      21:01 28 Dec 16
      Richard Blevins did a GREAT job for us on two cases. On one case he was able to minimize the impact of a DUI charge. He was able to get the other case dismissed after we followed his recommendations prior to our court date. He’s very knowledgeable and familiar with what needs to be done to handle your case. I highly recommend hiring more
      Eric Long
      Eric Long
      17:40 24 Jan 17
      The best DUI attorneys in all Cobb County! I spoke with various other attorneys but was impressed with the level of professionalism and promptness of attorney Richard Blevins. His experience is felt instantly as we appeared in court and everyone knew him. Thank you Richard for saving my more
      Sadiq Fazel
      Sadiq Fazel
      16:07 13 Oct 16
      GREAT LAWYER; OUTSTANDING LAW FIRM AND BEYOND COMPARISON Richard Blevins Jr. had my best interest in mind from the moment I met with him through the months that we worked together. He WILL work for you and will use his extensive knowledge and network of the legal system to get you the best outcome. His office staffs were very responsive and would communicate and send me all the documents throughout the court proceedings. Mr. Blevins would also directly call and communicate with you to keep matters aligned and up-to-date. Listen to him, trust his advice, and do what he says as he has the expertise and confidence to tackle your case. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Mr. Blevins to anyone who finds themselves in a difficult situation. He is the best lawyer in Cobb County and one of the BEST in Georgia!read more
      Dan Tuttle
      Dan Tuttle
      17:06 27 Mar 17
      Selecting an attorney is something we don’t do often and it can be an intimidating process. For me, there are 4 important questions to keep in mind: 1. How knowledgeable is the attorney and will they be able to identify all the possible options for your situation? 2. How honest and transparent will the attorney be with you on the possible outcome of your situation? 3. Will the attorney work hard and stay persistent to achieve the best possible outcome for your situation? 4. What will the legal representation cost? I can testify that Richard Blevins of Blevins & Hong is extremely knowledgeable on the law and in our case, could identify options that we didn’t even know existed. He was honest about the unlikelihood of the best outcome but was willing to work hard to try to achieve that for us at a very reasonable cost. In our case, Richard was able to make the improbable best outcome a reality. Richard’s knowledge of the law, experience in the courtroom, hard work and commitment to resolving the case in our best interest were the keys to our success. Choosing the right attorney can be a difficult decision, make the right choice and give Richard Blevins a call. You will be glad you did, I certainly more
      Joyce Evans
      Joyce Evans
      21:02 09 May 17
      Attorney Blevins is a dynamic negotitator... skilled lawyer,...he was able to keep my husband from going to jail for driving with suspended driver's license (numerous tickets and a long standing case history in Cobb County with suspensions) but his attorney was patient,steadfast, and HONEST .Attorney Blevins was so impressive,even the Judge commended him for doing a GREAT JOB !!read more
      Ethan Kimbrough
      Ethan Kimbrough
      16:30 10 May 17
      Richard is excellent to work with. As a former law enforcement officer, Richard has incredible knowledge and his work ethic sets him apart from other legal experts. He took the time to explain all aspects of my situation to me and genuinely cared about the outcome of my case. I recommend him and his team to anyone. Richard and his team gave me the confidence I needed during all phases of my case. You won't find a more attentive, tenacious more
      Charles Paul
      Charles Paul
      14:44 16 May 17
      Had an unfortunate situation occur at the top of 2016 that surely would've followed me throughout the entirety of my professional career. Attorney Soo Hong was a true God send. Ms. Hong was professional, courteous and very knowledgeable. I was almost certain that even with legal counsel my situation could only be lessened but not totally relieved. I'm not sure how she managed but to my surprise my case was dismissed a few days ago. Even so she has still been available to answer lingering questions and help with advice. My five star rating is an understatement if you ask me. Money well more
      tracey morris
      tracey morris
      20:38 13 Jul 17
      Mr Richard Blevins and his exceptional firm helped me through one of the most difficult times of my life. His experience in law and guidance throughout an entire process of the Cobb court system was without question trusting. I am so happy to have chosen Mr Blevins and his firm to represent more
      Michael Rolader
      Michael Rolader
      01:19 20 Jul 17
      Our family has over a time period required the services of an attorney. We have had the opportunity to work with Soo Hong of Blevins and Hong a few times. Her devotion to her clients and the personal followup requires repeated trust. Our family will retain in future needs. Mike and Mary R. Acworth, Georgiaread more
      joshua whitehead
      joshua whitehead
      21:13 28 Jul 17
      I went to Ms. Hong to take care of a dui case of mine she sat down with me and was straight forward with what she could do and what my expectations should be. She explained to me the case proceedings how how things work in layman terms so I could understand clearly. I decided to use her and she was nothing less than excellent. She went to bat for me and argued her butt off in my favor. In open court the judge himself said that I owe great gratitude towards her because for most they wouldn't have gotten the plea deal. I am very thankful and lucky to have chosen Blevins and Hong law. They were able to get everything dropped down to reckless driving which in my case was the absolute best senario. I would highly recommend Ms. Hong and her more
      Tracey Sprinkle
      Tracey Sprinkle
      15:26 25 Jul 17
      I retained Soo Hong for my son who had been falsely accused of stealing a car. His public defender wasn't doing his job. Wanted him to plea out from the very beginning. After six months in Cobb County jail, I went ahead and contacted Soo Hong. Needless to say, my son's charges were dropped and was out of jail within 3wks. All due to her expertise and knowledge of the law. From the beginning, Soo kept us updated on everything. She treated us with respect and went above and beyond the call of duty. I would recommend her to anyone! T. Sprinkleread more
      Robert Ackland
      Robert Ackland
      20:27 14 Aug 17
      Richard Blevins is by far the most professional, responsive and effective attorney I have known. If you are looking for the very best advocate to address your legal issues, Richard is that person. He knows his business and treats his clients with respect and care. He commits to what he will do and always follows through. I highly recommend him to handle your legal affairs. Like our family, you will be very glad you did!! -- Rober Ackland - Gainesville Garead more
      Nicholas Hixon
      Nicholas Hixon
      02:24 17 Aug 17
      Ms. Hong was a pleasure to work with! She helped me out've a bad situation and continued to help me whenever any other curve ball would come my way. I've never had to use a lawyer before and going into it expecting a lot of stress, she helped me remain calm and took care of everything, while I was living out of more
      Aaron K
      Aaron K
      19:10 05 Sep 17
      Richard Blevins is a life saver! He invested a personal interest in my legal affairs, was great about communicating with me over the year long process, and was able to get me the best available outcome on my case. He genuinely cares about his clients and wants to help them reach the most favorable outcome possible. He is well respected in the court room and his knowledge of legal issues is unbelievable. If you want the best shot at beating your case I highly recommend hiring Mr. Blevins. No amount of stars or money could show my appreciation for having my life and professional career saved by this man!read more
      Lindsey Putnam
      Lindsey Putnam
      20:06 14 Sep 17
      Amazing firm right here! Richard Blevins is fantastic. I am a business owner and my son got in to some trouble. I needed him back asap. Richard was great with answering any questions I had and was very prompt on returning phone calls and emails. I would rate them 20 on a scale of 1-10read more
      14:54 02 Oct 17
      Mr. Richard is very intelligent, knowledgeable, trustworthy & reliable attorney. He handles the case diligently & strives to get best possible outcome for you. For legal matters, you need to be in best hands! I find him THE best & I highly recommend more
      Tyrall A.
      Tyrall A.
      05:50 30 Oct 17
      Belvins & Hong, PC is one of the best, I would strongly recommend that you have this company represent you in your case. Ms. Hong represented me during my case; and she did get my case dropped off my record since I was a first time offender. She was very knowledgeable, which was a plus since I had no idea what was happening. I cannot thank you enough for representing more
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      Agressive Defense for DUI Charges

      Have you been arrested for drinking and driving? Call us today at 678-354-2290

      Notice: Georgia’s Administrative License Suspension rules have changed as of July, 1, 2017. Click here.

      The DUI Process In Cobb County Courts


      Summary of the Cobb County DUI Process:

      Anyone charged with a DUI (driving under the influence) in Cobb County may have their case initiated in a Cobb County State court, Superior court, or city municipal court. It can take several appearances to defend a DUI charge regardless of which court handles your case. Let’s go over the DUI process.

      Which Court Will Handle My DUI?

      If the arrest for DUI was made by the city police department from any city incorporated within Cobb County, that case will most likely be initiated in the municipal court of that specific city. Municipal courts have the jurisdiction to hear traffic offenses, local ordinance violations, and misdemeanor cases. All of these cities have municipal courts located within Cobb County –

      and have the jurisdiction just mentioned.

      Not every case will start off in a city municipal court. If an arrest is made for DU by a Cobb County Sheriff’s deputy, a Ga. Dept. of Public Safety trooper, or made in an unincorporated area of Cobb County, then that case might be initiated in the Cobb County State Court.

      If the charge is a felony offense, the case may be heard in a Cobb County Superior Court. A Georgia DUI is usually a misdemeanor offense. However, DUIs may also be charged as felonies under specific circumstances. Here are the circumstances that warrant felony charges –

      1. Receiving a 4th DUI in a 10-year period (after 2008).
      2. DUI Vehicular Homicide.
      3. Feticide.
      4. Habitual Violator.

      Municipal Courts vs. Superior or State Courts

      Dealing with the smaller municipal courts rather than the larger more formal Superior or State Courts in Cobb County carries a few benefits. These courts can be more lenient as far as negotiating plea conditions or rescheduling court appearances.

      There are certain municipal courts that hold specific policies that are unique to that court alone. For example, if you have a DUI charge that gets lowered to Reckless Driving in a Smyrna municipal court, you are most likely going to spend time in jail. This is a common sentence for pleading guilty to Reckless Driving or DUI in many courts. However, even though you might serve a 24 hour jail term on a 1st offense DUI conviction, the jail term may be longer (from 48 to 72 hours) when the charge is lowered to Reckless Driving in a Smyrna municipal court.

      When charged in Marietta GA, the first court appearance will be the arraignment. This is where the offender goes before a judge to be advised of what the charges are and informed of their rights. They will be asked to enter their plea regarding those charges. They can plead guilty, not guilty, or no contest. If they plead guilty or no contest they’ll be sentenced and the case will be closed. If they plead not guilty, however, they will have to discuss their case with the prosecutor in an attempt to reach some agreement as to how to resolve their case. If they are unable to come to an agreement then they will be asked to choose between a bench trial or jury trial.

      If a city municipal court initiates a case, then the offender will have 2 opportunities to negotiate a pleas that is reasonable and fair that will resolve their case. This is a right, guaranteed, that they can transfer their case to the Cobb County State Court for jury trial. Municipal courts MAY NOT deny such a request for having a case transferred to jury trial because their jurisdiction only allows for holding bench trials (trial by judge only). It is a Constitutional right for offenders to request ‘trial by jury’. What happens is basically that their case starts over, and they get a second opportunity to renegotiate a plea with the new prosecutor and new judge, who are now presiding over their case.

      The Cobb County State Court is Georgia’s second largest court in regard to full time judges. It ranks 3rd overall in population served. This court currently employs 12 full time judges and ALL of them hear DUI cases.

      The first court date in the Cobb County State Courts, regardless of whether the case began in the State Court or got transferred from one of the municipal courts, is the arraignment date. Cobb County holds its DUI arraignments on Fridays. There will be a formal accusation entered concerning the charges that the State is going to prosecute. The offender is advised of their rights to an attorney and asked if they want to apply for one that is court-appointed. At the first arraignment hearing, they can ask for more time and most likely the judge will grant a one-time continuance to give the offender time to hire themselves an attorney. It is very important that the offender locate a qualified DUI defense attorney, because during the second arraignment they will be expected to have already hired their attorney or be ready to proceed without any representation.

      Motions have to be filed prior to an arraignment date or else they’ll be considered too late. Motion hearings may be used to determine what evidence is going to be allowed at trial, which witnesses will be allowed to testify, and resolving other various pre-trial issues.

      DUI Defense: Plea Bargains

      A plea bargain can take place just about any time during the criminal process. A prosecutor, along with the offender’s attorney, may negotiate conditions for a plea agreement and reductions of the charges. The State Court of Cobb County also has its own DUI Court treatment based program to assign those with multiple convictions of DUIs or drug possession. When offenders participate in these DUI court programs, it an benefit them as far as their sentencing goes. They usually can receive a reduction in fines, community service hours, and jail sentence terms, compared to those who do not enter the program.

      The DUI court can offer counseling, treatment, and enhance supervision in order to help the participants to function better within their communities. They give them continuing support to help reduce participant recidivism. In order for an offender to be eligible for the DUI court, the charge that is pending has to be their 2nd DUI with the last 10 years, or their 3rd overall in their lifetime. They must also be a Cobb County resident, age 17 or older, and have no other prior record of violent felony offenses, immigration holds, or out-of-state warrants. The program has been divided up into 5 phases. Participants are promoted based on what their individual treatment plan is. They attend their individual treatment sessions like this –

      1. Phase One – Once a Week.
      2. Phase Two – Twice a Month.
      3. Phase 4 & 5 – Once a Month.

      The requirements for attendance of treatment sessions varies based on each individual treatment plan. Each phase requires participants to attend support group meetings that are very similar to those held by Narcotics Anonymous, SMART Recovery, and Alcoholics Anonymous. During Phase One, participants must attend 4 meetings a week. During Phases two, three, four, and five, they are only required to attend 3 a week. They must also find themselves a permanent sponsor to meet with on a regular basis.

      Participation in these programs is a condition of the offender’s probation. They judge may impose sanctions in the event of any infractions like failing a drug or alcohol screening or missing court appearances. This could mean additional community service or more jail time as well as expulsion from the treatment program.

      When a plea agreement cannot be reached, the case is scheduled go go to a ‘Calendar Call’. This is used by judges to schedule trials. Trials proceed in specific sequences. At trial, it is the prosecution that carries the burden of proof and they must prove the offender is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Opening statements start the ball rolling, from both the defense and the prosecution.

      The prosecution presents the evidence including witness testimony. Next, the defense offers its side. Finally they reach the point of closing arguments. Once both sides give their closing arguments, the judge reads his instruction to the jury and inform them of how the law is to be applied to the case. The jury then privately deliberates until they can reach a verdict. If guilty, the judge passes sentence. If not guilty, all charges are acquitted and the offender is free to leave.



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