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Marietta Auto Liability Attorney


When you get in a car accident and you get physically injured due to a defective automobile or part, a claim can be made against the manufacturer or the manufacturer’s component part or system. In any such case you are advised preserve the vehicle and consult with a car accident lawyer who is familiar with product liability cases and the legal process of filing a lawsuit against the company. Car manufacturers may be held accountable for injuries or fatalities resulting from a motor vehicle defect. It is their responsibility to ensure that auto vehicles are safe and hazard free. A personal injury lawyer that has experience in auto product liability lawsuits is an urgent matter for any injured victim in such a case.


Like other personal injury cases, auto product liability claims are complex, requiring extensive documentation and may take time to resolve. Preserving the vehicle even if it is damaged is vital to the case and retaining qualified legal counsel after such an accident is crucial. The defective product is used to prove liability on the part of the manufacturer. Preserving the damaged vehicle is of utmost necessity in the documentation needed in such a case.

Cases of defective products involved in serious car accidents have risen in recent years. In some instances the manufacturer was later found to have suppressed the evidence and this created a large number of accidents for which they are now responsible. When an auto manufacturer or parts manufacturer has provided a faulty or defective product that resulted in injury or death, a claim or lawsuit should be initiated at once. Auto product liability cases are complex and time consuming, and can require litigation in court. Finding an experienced product liability attorney who has adequate resources to properly assess and establish product defects will is a critical matter. Contact us today for a free consultation.




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