If you are concerned about your safety on the road, which you would be, then you probably know about the well-known road scam called ‘crash-for-cash. What happens is that you are driving safely on the road and suddenly the car ahead of you stops abruptly with no reason at all and you drive straight into it. Often that car would have faulty brake lights and you won’t be able to see if it’s stopping.

If this wasn’t a bad enough crime already, convicts have come up with another scam. This time, termed flash-for-cash by the anti-fraud experts, convicts use this new method as an insurance dodge and it is costing poor insurers millions of dollars every year. What they do is flash their head-lights at other drivers trying to get onto the road, in a courteous gesture to let them in, causing them to drive out of an intersection, and then colliding into them. This method is usually used on new and expensive cars or the ones that are more exposed, often involving women, children, or elderly people.

Flash-for-crash is worse than crash-for-cash because it is not an easy task trying to ascertain it. It often ends up with the poor victims saying that the criminal flashed their lights on them and they jumped into traffic and the whole thing resulted in a car accident.

False Claims

When it comes to the amount of money the criminals get from these frauds, it’s tens of thousands of dollars. Can you guess how?

Well, first comes the false injury claims for the blow, and even worse, the convicts claim money for people who were not even present at the time of the casualty. Further, they ask the insurance companies for all types of charges including loss of earnings, costly bills for maintenances, reclamation, storage, and a standby car rental.

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An expert on tracking these criminals, Detective Inspector Dave Hindmarsh from the police said that this was an increasing problem, and it cost the insurance companies quite a lot. The ones who suffered the most were the sincere paying drivers who had to pay extra dollars on their premium to the industry.

But financial costs are not the only problem. A car crash can’t be a good thing, can it? It leaves the victims upset, and they often end up losing their confidence. “If the passengers are children, they may not cope well with the accident, and there is always a chance of getting injured or killed,” said Hindmarsh.

Asset Protection Unit, a company dedicated to aiding the police in investigating scam revealed more on this subject. They said that the victims were normally down to earth who would not start a fight, and the criminals always went for them. “It could be single mothers with kids, or whoever the criminals knew would create no trouble. Only the children will be distressed,” Thomas from APU said.

The Good Part

You would be wondering why someone would flash their car lights at random because they are generally used as a warning.

Well, the Highway Code rightly tells us that headlights are not to scare other people on the road. They are only used to let people know of your presence. Don’t think that you are asked to go forward when someone flashes their head-lights at you. It’s wise to do some thinking before continuing safely.

Despite this code, people take a friendly stance when using flashing head-lights, and that it’s a pity that such a friendly gesture is being used to threaten and rob people.

By now, you will be aware that someone out there might flash their headlights on you with the intention of a crime. Do well to remember not to fall prey to such flashes, and lastly, let’s hope that the awareness being spread by the police reaches as many drivers as possible. This would certainly be a crime that no criminal law law firm would want to handle. The more, the better.

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