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Choose a Georgia Train Accident Attorney Who is Qualified




Passengers who ride subways, trolleys, and trains are entitled to receive a high level of care from their train line operator. If you get injured due to the negligence of an engineer or conductor, then that train company has a liability regarding your injuries. The sad news is that many of them won't readily accept their responsibility in matters of negligence.




In the U.S. alone there are more than 600 railroads with 200,000 miles of track. From 2005 - 2010 there were around 30,400 train-related accidents, and over 4,800 people were killed. This is a statistic that comes straight from our U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics. A lot of these accidents were the result of negligence on the part of the railway company. However, accidents can sometimes be caused my motor vehicle operator negligence as well. People often fail to yield at a railway crossing. Lots of accidents can be traced back to maintenance and inspection violations.


Commuter rail lines and railroad companies, like Cobb County Transit and MARTA, are viewed as being common carriers. That means they're held to a higher level of accountability and liability standards by our Federal and state governments. A common carrier is usually required to proceed with due diligence, vigilance, and the utmost care when transporting passengers.




  • Local Light Rail Systems
  • MARTA Commuter Rail
  • Trolley
  • Subway


and can happen at crossings with failing safety equipment. They can also occur at unprotected crossings where no signal or lights exist to indicate to passenger vehicles that a train is coming. Trains can also derail because of mechanical failure or poor track maintenance. Driver fatigue can be a factor as well. One of the most common causes of accidents with trolley and trains is excessive speed. Often times a train accident can lead to a hazardous cargo spill that can injure or even kill nearby residents.



A Marietta Personal Injury Lawyer can handle these types of claims involving railroad accidents, that include:


  • MARTA Accidents
  • Trolley Crashes
  • Train Car Derailment
  • Freight or Passenger Train Collisions
  • Railroad or Train Station Security Negligence
  • Train Cars Parked Improperly
  • Cobb County Transit Accidents
  • Runaway Freight Cars
  • Railway Maintenance Negligence
  • Wrongful Death
  • Light Rail & Commuter Rail Accidents
  • Inadequate Rail Terminal Maintenance
  • On-the-Job Accidents
  • Safety Hazard Warning Negligence
  • Illnesses on Trains
  • Engineer or Conductor Negligence
  • Excessive Speed




One of the most critical elements in this situation is an immediate investigation and the preservation of all the evidence. This is true with any accident, whether it involves a train, a trolley, or a subway. Investigation involves a thorough examination of the surrounding scene, while all the evidence like gouge marks or skid marks are still fresh.


Following a train accident it's crucial that you contact the proper investigating authorities. They will arrive on the scene and perform accident reconstructions. If you are from Marietta, you should immediately hire a Marietta Personal Injury Lawyer and let them investigate your claim.


It is also important for you to receive prompt medical attention and have your injuries documented. You can find out more details concerning this on our car crash page with facts for protecting yourself after a train accident.




In any trolley, train, or subway accidents, the liability could lay at the feet of train companies, maintenance companies, construction firms, engineering and design firms, commuter rail authorities, and more. Train operations usually carry very large insurance policies, and self-insured authorities or companies as well, to be capable of fully compensating victims of train accidents.


It is crucial that your hire a Marietta Personal Injury Lawyer who is qualified to handle your case. They are experienced in getting full compensation for victims who are injured in railroad company or railway accidents. When our attorneys handle your case, they will take it from the initial investigation, all the way through the trial, and whenever necessary through the appellate courts.




You want to be sure your legal rights are protected following a railroad accident. You need to hire an experienced Marietta Personal Injury Lawyer who understands the complexity of the laws and regulations that govern this industry, and who has all the experience and resources necessary for preserving your rights and getting your rightful compensation. You should take immediate action following your accident, because in Georgia, accidents are governed by their 'Statute of Limitations'. A few accidents may also carry shorter notice provisions and can be quite strict. Prompt action is recommended.



Blevins & Hong, PC

Blevins & Hong, Marietta attorneys at law

Marietta, Ga Attorneys At Law

Marietta Attorneys.  Bankruptcy.  Personal Injury.  DUI.  Criminal Attorneys.  Civil RIghts.  Blevins & Hong
Marietta Attorneys.  Bankruptcy.  Personal Injury.  DUI.  Criminal Attorneys.  Civil RIghts.  Blevins & Hong
Marietta Attorneys.  Bankruptcy.  Personal Injury.  DUI.  Criminal Attorneys.  Civil RIghts.  Blevins & Hong
Marietta Attorneys.  Bankruptcy.  Personal Injury.  DUI.  Criminal Attorneys.  Civil RIghts.  Blevins & Hong

191 Roswell St Marietta, GA 30060

(678) 354-2290

Open Today: 8am to 5pm

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