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Marietta Drug Lawyer




The so-called "war on drugs" has made the possibility of being arrested and being charged with a drug crime all too common and the steps taken by officers of the law can be overly aggressive and even violent. If you or a family member has been charged with a drug crime, whether possession, buying, producing, selling or importing, you could face serious consequences, including jail time, if convicted. The severe sentences for drug crimes have increased in recent years and the federal laws have gotten much more complex.


Due to the complexity of drug laws and sentencing, you will need to have the best criminal defense lawyer at your side as early as possible. Even if you suspect you are being investigated, you should contact our office so that we can protect your rights. Anything you say without a lawyer present can, and often does, harm your chances of reducing or dismissing your charges.




Charges will depend on the amount of drugs, the type of drugs and the illegal activity. Suspects may be charged for crimes involving drugs including the following:


  • Possession of marijuana, cocaine, meth or other illegal drugs
  • Drug manufacture or growing
  • Drug sale or distribution
  • Prescription drug fraud or illegal sale


Our Marietta criminal defense attorneys are well versed in all the state and federal drug laws and we are prepared to explain them and provide the best defense possible against your charges. Because drug charges are so dependent on the actual drugs found or seized to make an arrest, our efforts will first be directed against any violation of your rights against illegal search and seizure. If any action taken against you in the effort to search and discover drugs was unlawful then there is a very good possibility that evidence can be suppressed and cannot be used against you. Contact Blevins & Hong, P.C. today to learn more!






Are you or someone you know facing a conviction for drug crime/crimes? If so, then you should take it serious because the state and federal investigators, as well as prosecutors will be treating it very serious. When you are facing drug possession charges, then you need an attorney who has experienced with handling drug offenses. The sooner you contact a lawyer, the sooner they can evaluate your case, and then come up with the best legal defense.


The attorneys at Blevins & Hong P.C. can help you if you are facing a drug case, which can be very complex. Let's also not forget that there are many severe penalties that you could face if you are convicted. We will provide you with nothing but the highest level of representation, which is exactly what you need if you want to reach the best outcome in your case. We have experience in law enforcement, as well as trial attorneys, and this means you have a good chance at getting the best outcome in your case. Without representation, or good representation, then you are risking being convicted and different areas of your life can be impacted. This includes your career, finances as well as your freedom.


Drug crimes could be described as instances on a state or federal level that involve a controlled substance, or substance that the government regulates. Nowadays offenders face severe penalties and this is why you must do everything you can in order to defend your rights, as well as being able to do what you can to defend your future.


You must contact a Marietta drug charge attorney as soon as possible, regardless of the drug charges you are facing. These charges include possession, transporting drugs, manufacturing drugs or cultivating drugs. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can discuss details surrounding your case. We take drug charges serious, and we deal with all types of charges relating to drugs such as pot, coke, heroin, prescription drugs and more. We can build a strong defense for your case, and we will look into every single aspect that is involved with your case, and this includes mistakes relating to evidence, violations during seizures, as well as anything that may have violated your constitutional rights.




When authorities find drugs on you, then an officer may assume that they automatically belong to you and that you are going to use it or even sell it to someone else. The law allows this to happen, but it is important to mention that not all drug possession arrests are done in accordance to the law. An example of this is if your constitutional rights were violated during a search and seizure. For example, evidence could be taken away even before authorities had reason to believe that you have done anything wrong in the first place. If you hire a lawyer that will help you with intensity, then you increase your chances of not being subjected to severe penalties.


Drug possession seems to be the most common type of drug offense that people are faced with. Even though it is common, it can be charged in numerous different ways. You may be faced with a "possession with intent" charge/charges, or you might be faced with a simple possession charge. You could be faced with a misdemeanor or a felony, or you could end up paying a fine or even be sent to prison. As you can see, possession may be considered one of the most common drug offenses, but they are also very complicated cases.




Are you facing criminal conviction or are you at risk? If so, then contact us as soon as you can. We will use our knowledge of the law to help you avoid severe penalties, and this includes being sent to prison, as well as large fines, probation and even community service. When you are faced with any type of drug charge, then it is a matter that needs to be taken as serious as possible, because even the most common charge can lead to severe consequences, if you are convicted. If you delay contacting a lawyer, then this could do more harm than good in the long run. By contacting us and getting us involved in your case as soon as possible, you are doing yourself a big favor.


We take our clients' cases very serious, so you can rest assure that we will also take your case serious. Not only that, but we will also take protecting your rights very serious. When you hire us to defend you, then you will have the peace of mind knowing that we are 100% dedicated to getting you the best results in your case. When your future is on the line due to a drug charge, then it is nothing to take lightly. This means you need an aggressive lawyer who will fight by your side, and you need one that knows your rights and want to protect your rights. This is why you need us by your side. As previously mentioned, we have experience with defending clients who have faced simple charges to complicated drug charges, and we do our best to make sure that our clients have a very strong defense in order to achieve the best results for them.



Blevins & Hong, PC

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Marietta, Ga Attorneys At Law

Marietta Attorneys.  Bankruptcy.  Personal Injury.  DUI.  Criminal Attorneys.  Civil RIghts.  Blevins & Hong
Marietta Attorneys.  Bankruptcy.  Personal Injury.  DUI.  Criminal Attorneys.  Civil RIghts.  Blevins & Hong
Marietta Attorneys.  Bankruptcy.  Personal Injury.  DUI.  Criminal Attorneys.  Civil RIghts.  Blevins & Hong
Marietta Attorneys.  Bankruptcy.  Personal Injury.  DUI.  Criminal Attorneys.  Civil RIghts.  Blevins & Hong

191 Roswell St Marietta, GA 30060

(678) 354-2290

Open Today: 8am to 5pm

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